OMG! Meet Stella, The Ghanaian Girl Who Is Proud of Sleeping With Her Dad, Uploads $3x Video (VIRAL)

Stella a Ghanaian lady who has declared it open on ‘Hero radio’ that she is proud of having an affair with her father and that her father is better on the bed than her boy friend, this story though its not from very reliable source but judging for the sound clip and video, the story seems true, so we have thought it good to be published here so every body will see and know how money has rule the earth, how people can do crazy things because of money.

“I have everything I need and I even get jealous of my mum” she added.

You can listen to here conversation with the Hero radio personality named Kate, by following the source below.

She even posted their $3x video to prove her point


WATCH AND DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE (Warning: Adults Only, Viewers Discretion)


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